A team is normally defined as a group of people that works together toward a common objective. And this is also applicable for project management. The common objective here is the project and it is important that individual member of the team work together hand in hand.

In reality however this might be very different. You will always have problem when there is so much diversity within a group. This is the main reason why companies pay a lot of money for team building program so as to enhance team spirit within the organization.

Listed below are 3 team building programs that are normally used in organization.


Yes, some companies use cooking class as a tool to help their staff build team spirit. Most of the time they will be asked to work in diverse groups and prepare the lunch. Not only this gives them an opportunity to work together and solve a problem but also spend some time together eating.

Video making

Your team will be asked to create a mini-clip. For instance the team may be asked to create a complete news broadcast with the script and the record. There are different ways how you can adapt this activity. One interesting variant of this might be that of an advertising campaign. The team will be given a product or service and asked to devise an advertising campaign based on this.

Outdoor activities

Some organization might favor outdoor team building experience such as rappelling and canoeing. This can be really interesting as it can help to build not only a good team spirit but also allow the whole team to have some time off away from the company.

Written by Robert Bellarmine for www.visitask.com

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