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S What is the best project managment certification.?
I am in IT (Systems Developer/Web Developer) and am thinking of moving into project management What is the best project management certification? – most recognized/relevant in the IT arena.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is definitely the one to aim for due to its vast recognition. However, it requires you to furnish your detailed experience and referees. And yes, PMI, the issuing body does conduct audits. Cheats are barred from further attempts to be certified.

Assuming that you are residing in Singapore as this is Yahoo! for Singapore, I would suggest that you get in touch with Knowledge Method ( which specializes in PMP certification.

If you are in Singapore, South-east Asia or India, you could also consider SCS’s Certified IT Project Manager (CITPM) certifications. Passed recipients will be conferred either Associate, CITPM or Senior. More info is available at Exams are conducted only twice a year.

Both PMP and CITPM requires testimonials of previous experience, thus require referees. For those whose referees might not be contactable and/or who would not want to wait for the infrequent exams as in CITPM, they might consider CompTIA Project+.

Some says CompTIA Project+ is for entry-level. However, a scrutiny at the syllabus might suggest otherwise. Therefore, to make sure that your exam fees are not wasted, you might consider putting in the same effort for CompTIA Project+ as you would if you were taking other certifications.