Part 5 of 6 – Can Learning Projects Be Managed by Just Clicking a Button? (No… But We Can Help!)

A Free Webinar from Innovative Learning Group

Effective, efficient management of learning projects doesnt just happen by pressing a button. It’s hard work to deliver projects on time and within budget – and it’s not just about creating detailed timelines using project management software! Done well, learning project management delivers strong productivity gains and substantial results to your organization that will last far beyond the project itself.

Innovative Learning Group ( manages client learning projects exceptionally well. Let us share that expertise with you in this one-hour webinar.

Lisa Toenniges, president and founder of Innovative Learning Group (ILG) and author of How to Manage a Large-Scale Learning Initiative – Tools and Templates Based on 20 Years of Award Winning Programs (published by Brandon Hall Research), will present this lively and interactive session. The virtual event will begin with an overview of the importance and benefits of managing learning projects effectively – from small internal initiatives to large year-long, multi-faceted client engagements. Lisa will also introduce a “mock project” that will provide participants a closer look at the 10 essential tools ILG uses to manage every step of a project.

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Duration : 0:9:35

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