-I’m 22 yrs old.

***Am I too young to be approved for a business loan?

-I am about $4000 in debt (from medical bills only) but I have small monthly payment plans that I’m keeping up with.

***If you can prove that you are paying your debts off and that they are only medical related—can you still be approved for a small business loan?

***What is the minimum amount they usually give for a small business loan? What is the usual amount?

***When applying for one, do you apply in person, or on paper? Do you have a chance to show your business plans to the bank? Because I want them to know how profitable it will be, and how quickly I’d be able to pay the loan back.

Basically what I’m asking in all of this is:
Is applying for a small business loan very black and white, or does it all depend on if they trust that your business, specifically, will be successful enough to pay back the loan?

***********Also: Any tips?

Just curious, what kind of business do you plan on opening? Because I’m the same age and looking to open my own business as well, but not sure what I want to do. Thanks.