This is my 9th video interview with Erik Bowman Regional Sales Manager of Akeena Solar out of Denver Colorado.

SolarDave: Do you ever worry about a solar contractor that miss wires and burns a house down which ends up on the 5 o’clock news and gives the solar industry a bad name?

Erik Bowman: I think whether you are commercial or residential when ever you are picking a company definitely need to look at background and look at the history this goes for any construction project and in Colorado and in PV there is no barrier to entry all you need is a business license and you can buy panels of the internet you can become a PV company.

In California the are very stringent regulatory rules in place and that is where our company is headquarter is out of California, we have 4 different licenses in all infrastructure and project management, process, engineer capacity and drawings and licensed folks in California and we bring all the process and knowledge back to Colorado and although it is not required to have that here we have that and we use that to implement our projects.

So there are a lot of small companies that pop up when ever there is a low barrier to entry, construction is one of the most easiest ones to jump into when the product is readily available on the internet and you have to think about what are the most important things when installing anything on your home.

Quality and what it takes to install so you don’t get roof leaks so you don’t get ground faults so the systems works typically you are not going to have a situation where you are going to have a fire or anything acute like that.

What really is going to happen is roof leaks and a lack of power production over time because of lose connections.

Those are the areas that we focused on with our Analay panel was to mitagate the chance of lower production due to poor wiring and also to increase the aestic value and reduce the chance for roof leaks by reducing the number of holes in the roof by about 30%.

Duration : 0:1:56

[youtube YWSd5dUtJMs]