I am a telecom engineer and I am looking to advance my career prospects , I am not sure if I can do a full time/part time MBA, but pursuing a certificate in project management from PMI seems like a good option

Is that a good career prospect especially money wise?

Well, you need to define how much money makes you happy.

Having a PMP certification is something that is becoming more and more important these days. Gone are the days when companies had projects and worked willy-nilly on them to get them done.

Now with international standards coming into place a lot of companies are tightening the budget strings and that is where a project manager comes in useful. Project Managers are hired for their ability to run projects, and not to know what the project deal with.

If you are a people person who can adhere to deadlines, than being a project manager is the job for you. Here in the Chicago area, there is always a high demand for good project managers and if you do contract work, the pay is about $120K-$150K a year if you work in the IT industry. And the work is steady.

I’m a Human Resources VP for an extremely large healthcare firm in Chicago, and I hire project managers on a regular basis from various contractors. They do a great job, cost a lot, but the work they do is A-1. I only hire project managers who have the PMP certification from PMI.