I am starting a small business and want to know what steps I need to do to ship to international destinations like Japan, Korea, or Mexico. My product is simple, similar to business cards, but I am trying to learn what steps I need to take to legally offer my goods in those countries. Do I simply fill out a customs form at the Post Office and I’m all set? Or are there "export agreements" or more complicated decisions I have to make? Legally, if I send my product to a client in Japan, for example, am I subject then to Japanese laws and possibly liable _in_ Japan for breaches of some license that I may be totally unaware of? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Again, this is not a product like tobacco or alcohol, but simple pre-printed cards (very similar to business cards) that have a clients’ info on them. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

You can ship USPS Global Priority.
It’s easy and inexpensive. It’s the only way to not make your customers deal with custom fees.