I have a new degree in Management Information Systems, a minor in Economics, and 7 years experience in mangement. I am trying to make a break into high tech project management. does any one have any ideas or experience? I have posted on every major Job board and keep running into the obsitcal that I have no experience with the title of Project manager?
I have taken the PMI classes for the PMP however I am missing the experience. I am a new Grad looking for my first PM position.

If your resume is organized chronologically, you can re-arrange it so that it’s arranged by skill instead. Identity what you consider to be important project management skills and talk about what you’ve done in 7 years that relates to these skills. You can also talk about performing the role of project manager, even if your official title wasn’t project manager.

Have you looked in obtaining PM certification ? Either CompTIA Project+ or PMI’s PMP or CAPM ? Even if your justing "working towards…" on your resume, its a start.

You could also try to move into project management in your current field first, and then move across to the high-tech arena.

Contact your local PMI chapter and see if there are opportunities for volunteer project managers. This might not be high-tech, but it will boost your PM experience. Also, attend their meetings, and talk to current PMs in the field about their background and experiences.

If you’re just missing the experience for the PMP then you can probably sit for the CAPM.