I’m looking into starting a small business but apparently banks don’t loan to startups and there aren’t gov’t grants available for startups either. How do i go about getting the financing together? Are there any good resources? I am writing the business plan now.

The posts above are a scam.

Banks Do lend money to start ups, but it is harder now than normal and you are likely to have to shop banks to get a loan and get decent terms. Try to find on with a designated Small Business Banker. They will likely be able to help you better and have more experience than most branch managers.

It would really help to get a little more information.

(1) What kind of business are you starting?
(2) Do you have anything for collateral
(3) Is there a secondary source of income (are you still going to work is your souse or partner going to still work)?
(4) What area of the country do you live in?
(5) How much are you looking to borrow?

If you can not get bank financing there are a couple of options.

(1) Find outside investors
(2) Home equity loan
(3) Find a partner
(4) start small and work your way up.