Watch this apple computer repair enthusiast talk about the computer repair industry and what you should watch out for.
Crisantos Hajibrahim served in the United States Marine Corps as a Communication
Center Operator/Computer Systems Specialist (2542/4066) from 1996-2000. He was
assigned to the Department of Defense Military Communication School, 29 Palms,
California, and continued his Advanced Communication Training with Data
Communication Platoon, 7th Communications Battalion, Okinawa, Japan. Crisantos was
stationed at Camp Pendleton where he served as a Network Field Engineer. He was then
assigned to J-6 Command Group 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade where he served the
remainder of his enlistment as a member of the brigade’s elite communications staff in a
command group operations communication center. Lance Corporal Hajibrahim deployed
to Kenya in support of Operation Natural Fires.
Upon completion of his enlistment from the Marine Corps, Crisantos was recruited by the
Washington, D.C. based, Capital Area Internet Service, as a project manager located in
Los Angeles.
In December 2004, Crisantos set out to create his own successful information technology
service company. VIRUSwoman, Inc., a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise,
specializes in providing small business, government, and corporate organizations with
cost effective technology solutions. In 2007, Crisantos was awarded with the Aflac
Entrepreneur Civic Award for his business and work with veterans. He was also featured
in several magazines including Entrepreneur, Var-Business as well as a Google case
study. Crisantos has been invited to speak at several industry events including a Google
Developer’s Conference, Southern California Linux and CompUSA Vendor Expos.
Crisantos serves as an advisor to the Sear’s Holding Company subsidiary Service Live
and has working relationships with Google, Best Buy, CDW, Siemens, and Onforce. He
also currently serves as a member of Elite SDVOB Los Angeles Chapter, Latino Business
Coalition, and has just recently founded the Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Club.

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