PMP stands for Project Management Professional. Its the name of the certificate awarded to any one who scores more than the required passing mark in the PMP Exam. So if you successfully pass the PMP Exam, you become a Project Management Professional ie PMP. As evident by the name itself, this certificate is of interest to any one interested in Project Management as a career.
Let me tell you, PMP is most recognized Individual certification in the area of Project Management. Its valued Worldwide. For many of the Project Management Jobs, its even a mandatory qualification.
PMP is not for Project Managers from a specific domain. A Project Manager working in any Industry, be it Manufacturing or Retail or Defense or Information Technology can write the PMP Exam and upon successful completion can become a PMP.
Now lets look at What is PMI?
PMI is a not for profit Organization, who conducts PMP Examination. PMI stands for Project Management Institute. PMI is based in USA and it has local chapter across the globe. So, if you are based in Singapore, you can look for PMI chapter in Singapore. Such local chapters conduct regular knowledge sharing and networking session for people interested in Project Management.
If you need more information about the PMI, you can check out their website,
A PMP certificate is valid for only three years. Post completion of this three year period. It can be renewed for another three years.
PMI measures Project Management Experience in units of PDU. PDU means Professional Development Unit.
So, if you attend a Project Management Class of 1 hour by an expert, its equivalent to say 1 PDU. If you write a White Paper on Project Management related topic, it may be equivalent to 5 PDU. PMI has detailed guideline on what kind of project management activity amounts to how many PDUs. You can check their website for more details.
Every three years, one must have acquire 60 PDUs to retain their PMP certificate. So first time, when you write the exam, you become PMP for 3 years.
After this period, to renew your PMP credentials, you need to submit proof that you acquired at least 60 PDUs in last three year and pay the PMI certificate renewal fee, your certificate gets renewed for another three years. You can conveniently do this online at
Finally, lets look at what is PMBOK?
PMBOK means Project Management Body of Knowledge. Its a Book that PMI releases every four years. The latest version of the PMBOK is version 4 and it was released in June 2009. PMBOK acts as a Text Book for the PMP Exam.
You can also think of PMBOK as Standard for Project Management Profession.

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