I wish to persue PMP certification. I’ve been PMing for 15 years so the background experience is all there. Also, I have the education requirements met.

From what I see, I need to also have 35 contact hours to apply for the exam. Plus I would like to study in a classroom course setting.

Can anyone suggest any classroom course settings and tell me how much they cost. Also, as an alternative, I’d consider distance/online learning. Any suggestions here would be appreciated.

Finally, I believe some courses / classes may qualify also for contact hours?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi Chris,

To qualify for the PMP you must have 35 contact hours before applying for the exam. The PMP is a pretty tough exam. It does not really test you on your "real world" experience. The test consist of how much you know about Project Management Standards and Methodology. Many have considered self study and pass. My suggestions would be to attend a PMP Boot Camp. The cheapest and BEST bookcamp is PMLG. I attended there Boot Camp in Atlanta, GA. I passed the PMP immediately following the Boot Camp.