I have 19 years of IT experience. In many of my jobs during that period, I have run projects some of the time. However, I am learning to use a more standardized approach like the PMBOK now. how many years of Project management experience should I claim to have?

Almost each year there are several small projects, maybe lasting about 10 to 15% of my work time. Then, on maybe a dozen occasions over the years, there are projects lasting 4 to 9 months but not consuming all my time (depends ont he phase of the project). With that in mind, what would you say? I don;t want to sya I have like 10 years, since I think employers expect a certain comprehensive knowledge of PM methods when you get to those many years of experience.

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Instead of number of years, I would recommend you state something like:

"In my 19 years of IT experience, although I was not officially a project manager, I acted in that capacity approximately XX% of the time."

I wouldn’t worry about mentioning the PMBOK in your resume, but it would be good to bring up in the interview if you’re asked how you go about managing projects or what methodology you use to do so.

I hope this information helps! Bestr of luck!