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So, the order of size for rocks around new zealand is as follows:

South Island, North Island, Stewart Island then Chatam Island and finally Auckland Island. Any ideas as to what comes next? No?

It’s Great Barrier Island, which is just about visible (on a very clear day) from Auckland itself, (its about a 3 hour boat trip or half an hour by light airplane).

And the island is not small either, coming in at a collosal 285 square kilometers – with a population of 850 people. Not bad, but there’s no mains power, and everything you want to do that requires power, has to come from a generator – so its not a cheap place to live or get too, but very very secluded – Wonderful!

Great Barrier Island (often colloquially by the locals as just The Barrier) is a largish island of New Zealand, situated 100 km to the north-east of central Auckland in the outer Hauraki Gulf (which is why you can see it on a very clear day – best if you’re up Auckland’s tower for that!). With an area of 285 kmĀ² it is the fourth-largest island of New Zealand’s main chain of islands, with its highest point, Mount Hobson, rising a huge 621 m (but not enough for skiing!!).
It is now inhabited by a small population of around 850 people, mostly living from farming and tourism. The majority of the diverse environments of the island (around 60% of the total area) is administered as nature reserve by the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

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