Now, Let me tell you more about the PMP Exam. Its a four hour exam consisting of 200 questions. Out of this 200, 25 questions are not scored. But beware; you will not know which these 25 questions are! So you should answer all 200 questions, with same seriousness.
PMI includes these questions to see how many test takers are getting them right. Based on this, they might decide to include these questions in future Exam. Its like a survey conducted by PMI.
The pass marks for the exam is 141 out of 175, which roughly translates to 81%! Now, you must be guessing that PMP exam is not that easy. You are right! Taking PMP exam does require certain seriousness in preparation.
Next, I have shown in the table on how many questions appear from which part of the syllabus.
Getting confused with so many new terms Hold on for a moment! You will learn them in the next slide.
For now, assume them to be the six major topics and percentage of questions that typically comes from each of these topics.

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