I am currently studying Computer Engineer Technology, and I am enrolled in my college’s Profession Certification in Project Management Program. When I graduate from college(Wentworth Institute of Technology), what types of positions will be available to me and what will be the pay scale?

I work for a large bank in the Information Systems department, and we hire computer programmers, business analysts, system administrators, and project managers, all of which could be viable possibilities for you depending on your abilities and interests. Any certification that you obtain will be an advantage, although it will not guarantee you a job. These positions fall into pay grades that are assigned by our Human Resources department. As you succeed you should advance to new positions and new pay grades. Advancement will take time and a consistent and proven record of good performance. The typical pay grades for these positions are below:

52K – 78K (starting)
58K – 88K (senior)
63K – 102K (lead)
70K – 128K (manager)

Hope this helps. Good luck, finish your education, and work hard!