I am overwhelmed with the choices of books available for people who are interested in starting a small business. I am also tired of books containing a lot of motivational fluff. Does anyone have any recommendations for a easy to use book that will give the facts to me straight?

I am planning on opening a coffee shop and I am very knowledgeable about the coffee business… but, I need something that will give me a guideline on the start to finish process.

There isn’t one. But you are right about the books. I’ve yet to find one book on the subject that is actually helpful. They’re full of fluff, hype and some motivation. Big deal, right?!

Your best bet is dive in and learn it the hard way. You’ll take some hard knocks but it’s better than trying to follow one of those books you described. Besides, remember the old saying "Those you can… DO. Those who can’t…. TEACH". Most of those books are written by failures in my opinion. Good luck! (Worth ten points?)