Let me give you an overview of all the lessons of this Tutorial. In all, we have 14 lessons. The current is the first lesson, which is an Introduction to the PMP certification.
Lessons 2, which is named as Project Management Framework, aims to explain what Project and Project Management is all about. It also explains some related terms like Program Management, Project Management Office etc. So, Lesson 2 can be considered as an introduction to the Project Management.
Next, Lesson 3 aims to explain the five Project management Process Groups that we discussed some time back. Just to recap these process groups are Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing.
From Lesson 4 till Lesson 12, the 9 Project Management knowledge areas are explained. One lesson dedicated to each of these nine areas.
In addition to the 5 process groups and 9 knowledge areas, PMI gives a lot of weightage to professional and social responsibility. There are good amount of questions in exam from this topic as well. So we have dedicated one chapter for this as well.
The last lesson, i.e. lesson no 14, is generic in nature and there in we have explained few tips and tricks for the PMP exam. We suggest you to go through it once. It might be of great help.
Along with the tips & tricks, we have also listed in lesson 14, what is called PMI-ism.
Now, What is PMI-ism?
Well, PMI has a certain way of thinking and PMI-ism is a compilation of the same. You might not agree to all of that, but you must know this to pass the PMP Exam.
Lets quickly take a look at a PMI-ism example. You must be using the word Taskin your day to ay project execution to mean a Project related work. But, PMI never uses this term; instead they use the word Activity and Work packages. This is PMI-ism. There are many such things that we discuss in lesson 14.
At this point, I would also like to add that, at the end of each of these lessons, we have an quiz. I strongly support to take up the quiz and also look at the explanation of the all the questions, those which you got right as well as those which you got it wrong. This would help to get a better grasp over the subject.
Once you are through with all these 14 lesson, you can go ahead and start taking our online practice tests.

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