I’m looking to get project management certified. I may not have the experience to pursue a PMP, but a CAPM is a possibility.

Does a CAPM offer any benefit right now vs a PMP? Seems like it is not a well known certification.

Thanks in advance for shedding some light on the subject..

Any type of certification is beneficial, especially if it is at an entry level job. I recently received my CAPM credential. It ws a perfect fit for me, I recently graduated college and did not have nearly the project hours of experience to make the PMP a possiblility. You need to have minimally three years of experience not too mention a specified number of client hours, in addition to continuing education on the topic to even be a candidate. From my understanding, those three years of experience are pretty crucial. The CAPM is all about the definitions, terminology, priciples and that sort of theing. The PMP on the other hand is applying it, which if you don’t have the experience you’ll find it hard to succeed. The CAPM will get you in the door as well as work on client sites, because in reality, although not widely known not many people have it, and it gives you some formal training/background that a client will find comforting. In other words, if your not up to PMP status due to inaedquate experience in the field, the CAPM provides a degree of legitmacy.