Denver Int. Airport (DIA), COLORADO was agreed by the ILLUMINATI [Senior Freemasons] to be the hub airport for west coast US.

If you take the trouble to research the material you will see that the person who commissioned the Airport is a good friend of the BUSH family. His name is mentioned in the book: “MAFIA, C.I.A., GEORGE BUSH” by Pete BRUTON [ex “Houston Post”, Texas – very good friend of George BUSH & family].

The Money was placed in JERSEY bank accounts – “OFFSHORE”…

Follow the connections/links & you have the names…
NOT particularly difficult…

The names are set out in Pete BRUTON’s books.

If you do NOT take the trouble to research the subject you will NEVER understand how the DIA fits in…
Understand what is happening in central Africa [next to the Democratic Republic of Congo – the small neighbouring country?] as Pilot Project – they plan to do the same atrocities in central US!

Black Magic – for that is what it happens to be – a Satanic CURSE [placed by the ILLUMINATI (Senior Freemasonry)] operates on the basis that something that links to the victim has to be used to connect with the victim to communicate the methodology!

Thus the NWO plans are set out – not dissimilar to the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES that set out the NWO methodology!
Communicating the Plan [of SATANIC Intent]…

If you are truly interested in discovering the´╗┐ TRUTH, take the trouble to research with analytical precision…

Paul Kagame was trained in the US [Fort Leavenworth in Kansas] did he not shoot down the helicopter of the previous president?

Denver-Boulder planning firm Oz Architecture headed up the creation of an ambitious 50-year master plan for Kigali.

“COLORADO is one of the leading states in terms of investing in Rwanda,” said Rwandan Ambassador to the U.S. James Kimonyo, who spoke at the University of Colorado Conference on World Affairs in Boulder and “was hosted at a reception at the Governor’s Mansion in Denver this month”.

Neither Dick nor Kagame is without critics. In 1993, Dick was jailed in a British prison for nonpayment of $2 million in alimony to his ex-wife Elisabeth. (He moved to the British Channel Islands of Jersey – moving to one of the most notable manor houses on the island – after the split in 1988).

Kagame, a former military leader in the Tutsi-dominated Rwandan Patriotic Front, has been criticized by some civil rights groups for censoring the media and turning a blind eye to revenge killings against Hutus.

Loyd and his Colorado investment benefactor, Rob Fogler, founder of Thousand Hills Venture Fund, are among the growing number of foreign business people taking a keen interest in a country better known as the site of one of the most brutal genocides in history.

From April through June 1994, Hutu extremists carried out a calculated campaign to rid the tiny African country of its minority Tutsi ethnic group. They used machetes, clubs and guns to massacre nearly 1 MILLION Rwandans in 100 days in a nation one-tenth the size of Colorado.
[Who do you think supported the then Opposition leader – now the President?]
(Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager made famous in Hotel RWANDA, is among his greatest critics.)

But some credit the Dick-Kagame collaboration with helping to put Rwanda on the telecommunications fast track and forging a relationship between Kigali and Denver.

Dick’s former company, Terracom, laid a fiber-optic spine across Rwanda, making high- speed Internet access available in even the most remote regions.

Another of Dick’s investments, Rwandatel, designed and installed a phone system that brought low-cost cell-phone service there.

Fogler, a Denver lawyer, was so taken by that vision after meeting with Kagame during his 2004 visit that he walked away from his law practice and founded Thousand Hills Venture Fund, which deals exclusively in small and medium-sized Rwandan enterprises.

It has attracted 25 investors, amassed $2 million and spent about $600,000 so far. Fogler also has created two other investment vehicles that aim to provide greater sums to larger Rwandan projects.

“People have this perception that it is a struggling, disappointing place to visit or to be investing. It is quite the opposite,” said Fogler, who travels to Rwanda regularly. “It has a good government which is strongly committed to the private sector. It has zero tolerance for corruption, aggressive growth in most industries, and most importantly, a very dynamic business community.”

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