“I just did the Whistleblower Radio show with Project Camelot on Thursday, and they have said it is

one of the best shows theyve ever done. I discuss all the dreams Im having about the extremely

substantial events that I see coming in our near future. This is as much as I can do this week in

updating you on the subject, but believe me there is far more to come.” David Wilcock


Project Camelot
Hosts: Kerry Cassidy
& Bill Ryan

Kerry Lynn Cassidy has a BA in English with graduate work in Sociology, an MBA certificate from the

UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, and was competitively selected to attend a year of film

school at the UCLA Extension Short Fiction Film Program as one of their first “hyphenates”: a

writer-director-producer. After 19 years in Hollywood working for major studios and independent

production companies in production, development and new media, she has written a number of

screenplays, acquired an option on the movie rights to the Wingmakers story in 2003, and started

work on her own UFO documentary in 2005.

Bill Ryan has a BSc in Mathematics with Physics and Psychology (Bristol University, UK, 1974), and

followed this with a brief stint in teaching. For 27 years he was a management consultant

specializing in personal and team development, leadership training and executive coaching. Major

long-term clients included BAe (Systems) Ltd (formerly British Aerospace), Hewlett-Packard, and

PricewaterhouseCoopers. In November 2005 he inaugurated the Project Serpo website, the report of an

alleged disclosure, in stages, of a US-alien exchange program which took place over 40 years ago.

While he had been interested in UFOs, Free Energy research and alternative medicine (he is trained

as a kinesiologist) for over thirty years, his first contact with the UFO community at large

occurred after establishing the Serpo website. He resigned his management consultancy post in May

2006 and now devotes all his time to Project Camelot.


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