This is another update of my progress on the game i’m working on. This shows some basic techniques all together in one project. Lots of research went into this, and i used a lot of online resources.

Here’s a break down of the features:
Newer Models: The tower structure, rocks, and monkey were made by Give Up Games 3D art developer, George Tsouris

Sky Box: I used a skybox that was made available for free ( ). I took the extra time to find a skybox that went with the colors i already had. I think this one compliments the scene well.

Heads Up Display: The heads up display was made in Paint.NET ( a free imaging application ) by just creating a transparent PNG image. XNA reads it in just fine. Then i place the fonts and actual values in my c# code.

Game State Management: I programmed my own State management system. Microsoft put out a sample on the XNA creators club site, but i thought it could be much better, and the sample did not support some things i wanted to do, like assigning game components exclusively to screens, so disabling a screen would disable all it’s child components…….. so i did that. It works good. Simple as that.

The Pause Menu: Pause menu is a basic implementation of a base menu screen class i wrote.

Particle System: The projectiles now spawn particle explosions when they hit something. I used some samples online and modified as i saw fit.

Dying: Now my character can die, by running down all his health. So far, i have not programmed enemy attacks, so the only way for our character to get hurt, is if he is too close to an explosion when it goes off. Once all the health is gone, the players control is lost and the character has a die animation along with a full screen wipe.

Artificial Intelligence : By default, the yellow monkeys ignore the player, but they chase him if he creates an explosion. However, if they are close to the player when he attacks (throws something), they become evasive.

Post Processing: Implemented post processing and the ability to chain multiple effects to make combination effects.



Duration : 0:2:27

[youtube 2eR7apFhwxw]