Can you teach music over the Internet? How? Can you teach with Youtube? Nirvana? Piczo? Audacity? Billboard? Newsfeeds? Can you teach in a way that is engaging for the learner?

What does it mean to be a learner-centered teacher of music in a technology-mediated context? I created this video to answer this question. The video is a knowledge mobilization outcome that is part of of a collaborative inquiry in which Andrew Mercer(the teacher profiled in the video) and Andrea Rose, School of Music, Memorial University are participating.

The project is funded through a grant for a Community University Research Alliance (CURA) on e-learning from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada. Visit for the project information. To discuss learner-centeredness of teaching with technology, visit
On a technical note, the original file was well in excess of the allowable 100 megs. I uploaded the converted wmv file of 17 megs to youtube which converts it to a swf-flash file. Unfortunately swf does not render the transitions very well.

You can view youtube videos of the e-teacher profiled in the video if you search under buckydurddle.

We have been relying on youtube to conduct reflective sessions and conversations about learner-centeredness in teaching. Why youtube? because it is a symbol of user-centeredness and of the democratisation of knowledge. Youtube is a part of the WEB 2.0 which provides so many tools for social knowledge construction and sharing (Blogs, Wikis, podcasting etc). Social knowledge construction and sharing is, I believe, at the heart of learner-centeredness.
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Duration : 0:9:4

[youtube GX94ws03o3o]