I am working a project for my MBA class. I am organizing a small business for the project. It’s a cooperative of specialty poultry producers. The cooperative markets the poultry to local major retailers and transports end products (after processing, packaging and storage to retailer DC’s). I need a quote for general liability insurance and insurance on a small refrigerated truck (driven by someone with a pristine record). I need annual premium estimates that coincide with an exact policy amount – the least possible please! Online insurance quoters are not working.

Nope, you can’t buy that type of insurance online.

And you missed a whole bunch of very crucial information and coverages.

"Small" is in the eye of the beholder. You need GL with product liability, workers compensation, cargo coverage (for your stock), and that commercial auto policy – which will vary wildly, depending on the exact coverages and how far you drive.

SO. The GL is going to be rated on gross sales. You can figure, with a food product and retail marketing, you’ll be required to carry at least $1,000,000 GL, but you’ll ALSO be required to carry at least $2,000,000 excess liability. You PROBABLY want recall coverage, but hey.

Assuming gross sales is around $500,000 a year (very, very low), your GL is probably going to run you around $7500, and the excess/umbrella about $6,000. The workers comp is going to run you another $5K at least – maybe more. The truck coverage, assuming no coverage for the truck, commercial class code, under 250 mile radius, liability only (again, you’ll need the $1,000,000 to go on premises to deliver) is probably going to run you around $4K. Stock coverage, is probably going to run you around $2500 for not more than $25,000 of chicken at one time.

Want refrigeration breakdown/spoilage coverage? That will cost more.