Many small business owners feel that voting democrat would be something akin to hammering the final nail into their own coffins. Is this fear justified or the result of succesful "republican fear-mongering"? If this is the true result of Democratic policies, why? By the same token, if small business owners can actually benefit by breaking republican party lines and voting democrat, how?

The best way to make small business owners vote democratic would be to seize the assets of all corporations that earn more than $500.000.oo annually.

You could make a case that fast food, alcohol and other unhealthy products are illegal, sue them, to seize their assets. You could make Wal-Mart an illegal corporation, to allow small business to flourish.

Since, the democratic party only has socialism to offer, there is little else, "big government" can offer.

Question for you, comrade: How in the world can an ideology that places handicaps on a capitalist economy, to make it inefficient, so you can over-throw it with socialism, think that small business owners, who are risk takers, people who earn their own living and don’t depend on government, would choose your ideology? Its like hoping gay guys will like girls, for someone who works hard to earn their own way in life, would throw it all away, to let government run everything.