This is my (and my friends’) first ‘big’ project in University. MNO1001 is the code of “Management and Organization”. This year, Dr. David Lehman – our lecturer – gives it the name ZOE, with the target to improve someone’s life. No matter how much impact we have made on their lives, certainly any of us can catch more than one practical management experiences. For me, they are “time management” and “motivation”.
To have the video, I give my thanks to:
– David Lehman, without you we wouldn’t have been forced to do such thing 🙂
– Kenneth, as our tutor with useful advices.
– Group mates: Cassandra, Chen Ee, Marie, Tianbo (Alphabet order). Considerate. Kind. Cheerful. A lot more 🙂
– Canteen cleaners, for your cooperation with us. (I love the picture when you’re receiving the notes :-x)
– Li Hong, for helping us with the technical problem at last minute.
– The patrons and camera owner.

Duration : 0:8:10

[youtube Sr1NKg8Bbhw]