What things do I need to do-ie, ABN? Get an accountant? Register a small Business? How do I do these things, or where can I find out more? I only want a small business-kind of like a party plan-a hands on jewellery class kind of along the same lines as scrapbooking parties or Mary Kay. Not sure it will work, but I want to investigate the possibility anyway. I do not have a degree in business, only a teaching degree.

Hi, how are you? If you want any business advice go to SBA.gov the small business administration website or call them for answers. They are always so helpful. With my company I do not need an accountant or anything, customer service is an added service – Corporate handles everything lol! So really it depends on your company – what they provide for you to work from home. If you are planning on making your company large you may need an accountant. With our company all we do is enroll new members and corporate handles everything. I do need to keep track of my expenses, but that’s not really too hard. I just print my records when I’m sent something from the corporate office and I document everything I spend for tax purposes. I print all my vistaprint records, keep my receipts in a folder, easy easy. I have heard with Mary Kay if you grow your business large enough you may even need a personal secretary when things start to boom for your business. shooo, I am glad I don’t need to worry about that. I am my own secretary in a way ha ha ha. I always loved secretarial work and that’s what I do from home mainly. With a company like mine, Mary Kay, Avon, Ect… you do not need to register them, because they are well known and already a company, you are just an independent contractor so you do not need to register it. Hope I helped email me if you need more advice!