proRM is designed for project-oriented professional service organizations and departments of each size. The success of these companies primarily depends on the expertise of its employees. Furthermore, efficient project management is key to economical success. However, the administration effort required for activity recording, project controlling and project settlement, etc. plays an important role. Most companies use more than one application which often do not sufficiently meet the requirements:

• Project times which are often entered in spreadsheets need to be consolidated manually when the project is settled.
• In many cases, it is not possible to perform any unscheduled analyses so that as a consequence project leaders are not able to obtain up-to-date information.

Project management turns out to be too time-consuming for a huge number of companies. Any negative deviations are noticed later on or, in some cases, are even noticed too late.
The proRM Skill Management, Project Planning and Project Settlement functionalities are perfectly aligned with each other thus building an integrated process without any gaps or media disruptions. Distinctive project controlling features allow the users to gain comprehensive insight into each project phase. Also, the system’s easy-to-use interface guarantees a high user acceptance a unique combination of CRM, Human Resources und Project Management.

The right personnel at the right time
An optimized project team member assignment builds the foundation for a successful project. In order to ensure that project teams meet the requirements, proRM provides respective staff management functionalities which are mainly focused on supporting skill management features.

• Project leaders can easily find the appropriate employees by using the full-text search option
• Based on an employee’s skills, hourly rates, and working hours, a preselection can be easily made.
• Additional information such as predefined roles or team memberships simplifies the process of assigning employees to projects.

This allows to ensure that even large and international data pools remain manageable.

Efficient Project Management
proRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM® provide all elements required for project planning via one platform: customers, employees, projects, and processes. Central data management enables companies to be better informed and to respond more quickly to any project deviations:

• Integrated processes ensure transparency and security
• No duplicates
• No need to switch between the applications
• No manual consolidation required
• Direct access to relevant project data

Specific connectors enable to combine proRM with other applications in a comfortable way. For instance, projects may be created based on Microsoft Project planning data and be imported back into Microsoft Project including additional project cost, resources and time data. The Project Settlement features can be used in the same comfortable way: The proRM settlement data are transferred for invoicing to Microsoft Dynamics NAV®, to other ERP systems like SAP and SAGE or to Microsoft Office Word. There is hardly any other project management system which offers seamless integration of the whole process in such a manner.

Keep it simple
The proRM system which is easy to use and which provides intelligent user assistance allows to minimize the amount of work significantly. At the same time, it ensures highest quality and security.

• The Activity Recording functions can be accessed by either using a web client or a Windows client. This allows the members of project teams to enter their working hours from any other desktop or when they work offline. A number of predefined drop-down menus and a stopwatch help reduce time and effort.
• A number of wizards assist you during team planning by suggesting free personnel and by providing a list of all positions to be invoiced for monthly settlement.

With solutions of other providers users have to spend significantly more time.

Transparent Reporting in Real-Time
Performing periodic controls is not sufficient in order to keep track of the productivity. With proRM, project team members have the option to see at a glance the current project status by accessing the budget load. So-called business cockpits ensure that project leaders can quickly retrieve analysis data indicating important project figures. This way, any project deviations can be instantly identified before it is too late. Further advantages of the Project Command & Control module are:

• A comprehensive reporting package simplifies the post-calculation process.
• Activity reports inform the customer on the services performed.
• Project controlling figures are useful information for Staff Management and allow identifying any overload in a timely manner.

The system’s comprehensive reporting feature also represents a real unique selling point.

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