Hi, Im Chris Hart.

Im an international business consultant and author of The Business Operations Blueprint, or BOB!

The Business Operations Blueprint is comprised of 12 chapters that cover every aspect of running a successful business.

Listen, I know how busy you are running your organization!

None of us has time to stop our work and create a big black binder of documents that no one ever uses.

Ive designed the Business Operations Blueprint so that it can be developed as you go about the daily routines of running your organization.

From my 30+ years as a business consultant, I have captured foundational, best practices that every organization needs.

You can dive into the elements of BOB in any order, depending on your priorities.

For instance, if what you need most is to increase your marketing efforts, you can start with the Marketing chapter of the Business Operations Blueprint.

Let me give you just a partial list of the benefits you and your team will receive by creating your own customized BOB:

First, youll develop Vision and Mission statements which will guide all of the activities in your organization.

Then, youll have specific Goals and Objectives defined for every department.

Youll have a Financial Plan that empowers you to accomplish all of your dreams and goals.

All of your operations will be documented so that they can be reproduced and grow with the organization to any size.

Youll learn how to manage projects along with their timelines and budgets.

And, youll have a well defined Sales Process for selling products, growing your client base and increasing your income.

Each BOB Chapter is laid out in an easy to read, presentation format that you can share with other team members.

Plus, every BOB Chapter comes with a full set of digital files that include Worksheets, Registers, Templates, and Certificates that you will use over and over again to develop your own, customized, Business Operations Blueprint.

BOB will help you run your organization more profitably, more productively, and enable YOU, to have a whole lot more fun along the way!

Ive done all of the hard work for you, so I encourage you to go to
right now, so that you can start working on your BOB, today!

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