Well, Can anyone take up the PMP Examination? Yes, provided one meets certain prerequisite.
The prerequisite depends upon persons formal education.
As shown in the table, for bachelor degree holder, they have to have at least 4500 hours of Project Management experience and for someone whose highest formal education is High school degree, its 7500 hours of Project management experience.
In addition to this, there is some requirement in terms of total no of years of work experience as well. For the first category, one has to have at least 6 years of total work experience and for the second category its 8 years.
The 3 years within 6 years in the table means that 4500 hours of project management experience should have happened in last 3 years of total 6 years of experience.
Lastly, one also has to show proof of attending 35 hours of Project Management Training just before writing the PMP exam.
There are many Project Management Training companies, who are PMI REP. Now, what is REP?
PMI REP training institute means, these training companies are registered with PMI as Registered Education Provider. If you attend their 35 hour contact training, they also give you 35 PDUs. As I explained earlier, PDU means professional development unit. Its a measure of Project management activity by PMI.
Attending Project Management training is also a Project Management Activity.
I would like to clarify here that even if you attend 35 hours of Project Management Training by a company, which is not REP, you can still go ahead and take up the PMP exam. But you must show proof of attending 35 hours of Project Management training, which is inline with PMI guidelines.
So, if you have gone through our complete 14 lesson material and also attended our virtual classes. You qualify to take up the PMP Exam.
Let me also inform you that, One has to submit proof of everything (ie your educational Degree, your Project Management Experience, etc) to PMI while submitting the online application for taking up the exam. PMI randomly audits such submission from time to time. So, If you do not meet the prerequisite and still go ahead and submit the online exam application, there are chances of you getting caught. PMI disqualifies such application.
Also, Once your online application for taking up the exam gets approved, PMI sends an Authorization letter. You must write the exam, within a year of getting the Authorization letter

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