Hi, Im Chris Hart

Over the last 30 years, Ive had a lot of fun working with all types of organizations as an International Business Consultant.

Clients who I have helped include independently owned businesses, Non-Profits, Corporations, Start-Ups, and Family Owned Businesses.

Through my Executive Coaching program, I typically work directly with a business owner or chief officer, to help him or her create a customized Business Operations Blueprint.

My clients are all very smart, hard-working people. What I find, is that when I join their team, we can make some simple changes to their business model that just make a world of difference.

Typically we can increase their productivity, improve their profitability, and in general, make it more fun to come to work every day.

So please, look around my website www.ChrisHart1.com to learn more about our executive coaching programs, and BOB The Business Operations Blueprint.

This is Chris Hart, and Im looking forward to working with you for your success!

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