Businesses nowadays are more and more involved in gigantic projects which can render day-to-day management quite difficult. This is where project management tools can come in handy. In this article I will be talking about two commonly used tools in project management and how it can be useful to your business.

The Gantt chart is a very popular tool among project managers. It has been put forward by Henry Gantt in order to facilitate control of a particular project. With this tool each task that forms part of a project can be viewed graphically and to determine how much work has been accomplished on a given task. Gantt chart has been quite a revolution at the time it was first introduced.

The PERT model is another familiar instrument that is utilized in project management. This framework uses diagrams called network diagrams in order to represent graphically all the activities of a given project. This will let decision makers to determine the critical path (the longest possible time that a project could take) and therefore plan accordingly. Individuals that require to find more management tool this article on free project management tools and management skills should be quite useful.

Project management tools have indeed one objective that is to give managers more control on the implementation of project. This will ultimately allow more efficient control on project resources and finances. This can be especially important when it comes to manage complex projects such as research and development.

Project management is concerned about giving managers greater control on the management of big and complex projects. In fact such projects completion time can be quite difficult to forecast and thus it is important that there is an enforced control by top management to ensure that there is maximum efficiency.

Written by Robert Bellarmine for to discover more information on project management.
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